Information Technology

S.No. Duration Name of the Programme Name of the Speaker / Convener & Details Topic
1. 19.10.2019 Guest Lecture on
“Software Development Life Cycle”
Programmer Analyst
CTS, Coimbatore
Software Engineering
2. 27.07.2019 Guest Lecture on “AI  & Computer Vision” Mr. Vishaal Shanmugavel
Technical Specialist
Zoho Corporation, Chennai.
Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision
3. 01.03.2018 Guest Lecture on Modern Optimization Compiler Techniques Mrs.K.Manimala,Asst Prof,CSE,Government College of Engineering,Salem Compiler Techniques
4. 27.09.2017 CSI Sponsored Guest Lecture on Performance of Algorithms Dr.R.Mohan, Asst Prof, CSE,National Institute of Technology,Trichy Performance of Algorithms
5. 09.09.2017 to 27.09.2017 Value Added Course on C, C++ and Java Mr.S.Ravikumar & Mr.V.Krishnaraj,                Technical Trainer,Promake C,C++ and Java
6. 20.03.2017 Guest Lecture on Artificial Intelligence Dr.R.Devipriya,Assistant Professor,Kongu Engineering College Artificial Intelligence
7. 04.03.2017 Guest Lecture on Queuing Models Prof R.Subhathra,Dept.of Mathematics,Government Arts College,Salem. Queuing Theory
8. 27.02.2017 Guest Lecture on Challenges in Source Code Optimization R.Manjula Devi,Assistant Professor,Kongu Engineering College Compiler Design
9. 01.09.2016
IE Sponsored Value Added Course on C# and .Net Framework P.Manimekala,Technical Head Proxima Infotech Ltd C# and .Net Framework
10. 22.08.2016 Guest Lecture on “Data Warehousing and Data Mining” Dr.M.Thangamani,Assistant Professor,Kongu Engineering College Weka Tools
11. 05.08.2016 Guest Lecture on “Z-Transforms and its Applications” Prof U.Krishnasamy,Excel Engineering College,Erode Z Transforms
12. 30.07.2016 Guest Lecture on “Web Programming and its Applications” Dr.S.Kalaivani,Assistant Professor,IRTT,Erode Web Programming
13. 27.09.2015 Value added course on .Net Frame work P.Manimekala,Technical Head Proxima Infotech Ltd .Net Frame work