Mechatronics Engineering


The Department of Mechatronics Engineering offers a 4 Year B.E. Mechatronics Engineering degree programme. Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary engineering field that combines principles from mechanics, electronics, computer engineering, robotics and automatic control. Mechatronics engineers design, develop and test a broad range of automated machines from industrial systems, artificial intelligence and medical equipment, to consumer products. Studies focus on laboratory practice and applied examples. Students need to possess mathematical and technical skills, logical analysis, project management and the ability to work in teams. They gain basic knowledge of engineering processes, product design as well as the use of digital electronics or computer-aided design (CAD) software. A degree in mechatronics can lead to management positions, including project management. Workplaces range from laboratories and processing plants to engineering design offices..


Our Vision is to endeavor the students to substitute demanding academic prominence with rich diversity of skills for the ability and passion to work sensibly and ethically for the betterment of humankind.


To prepare exceptional Mechatronics Engineers with cutting edge technology skills

To achieve amalgamation of knowledge accomplishment and application.

To impart value-based training and indoctrinate socially committed professionalism.

To develop the future engineers with irreplaceable entrepreneurial skills..

To build a robust unified team of Mechatronics professionals.


Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering curriculum is designed to prepare the graduates having attitude and knowledge to

1.Develop innovative and sustainable products with multidisciplinary Engineering expertise..
2. Solve complex engineering problems by applying mechanical, electrical and computer knowledge and engage in lifelong learning in their profession
3. Work or pursue higher education in multicultural, multilingual and multinational environment with competent oral and written communication
4.Lead and contribute in a team entrusted with professional, social and ethical responsibilities.


a. Will be able to apply the laws of science and mathematics to provide engineering solutions to solve complex problems.
b. Will be able to identify and analyze complex problems by modeling with the help of literature survey and validate the solution with experiments.
c. Will be able to design and develop Mechatronics systems by selecting and integrating, sensors, appropriate materials, mechanics, thermal systems, manufacturing and automation methods..
d. Will be able to collect, condition monitor and interpret data to provide engineering solutions.
e. Will be able to create applications, products as well as modernizing the existing systems by using latest tools and technologies.
f. Will be able to develop solutions for local and global requirements by applying engineering knowledge and professional ethics.
g. Will have professional values on environmental and energy consumption for sustainability.
h. Will be able to become a leader and contribute in a team with entrepreneurial qualities..
i. Will be able to interact effectively in both oral and written format.
j.Will continuously update their knowledge and skills to meet the ever-changing global needs.


4 years (Regular) / 3 years (Lateral Entry)

No. of Semesters:

8 (Regular) / 6 (Lateral Entry)


Students for admission of this course shall have passed +2 examinations with Maths, Physics and Chemistry, Vocational courses with Mathematics.

Curriculum & Syllabus:

2016 Regulation

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